Low Hedgeley

A small, quiet and peaceful caravan site in Northumberland.

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Cycling from Low Hedgeley Farm

There are a number of options for cycling routes from Low Hedgeley Caravan Site. Cycle Route 68 passes nearby and this can be followed north to Wooler and beyond or south as far as you would like to go. For those who enjoy a shorter route, here are some suggetions.

Route 1: Beanley, Glanton and back.

This route is circular, about 9 miles and has some steep climbs and wonderful views over the countryside towards Powburn and Low Hedgeley. There is a short section on the A697 (please take extra care on this busy road) until you turn left in Powburn along a quiet road that follows the River Breamish. Once past Beanley you turn sharp right and climb to lovely views. Heading straight on from here you cross the A697 and head up to Glanton. The road then drops back down to Powburn and you can head back to Low Hedgeley along the A697. Tap/click the map for a larger version.

Route 2: Ingram and the Breamish Valley – about 13 miles.

This is a picturesque valley and a popular desination for walkers and for picnics. A very short section on the A697 takes you to a left turn towards Ingram. There is a short climb and once past Brandon the road is fairly level for several miles as it follows the river Breamish. This is part of the cycling Route 68 that turns off towards Wooler part way along. The route has a steep climb further up the glen as the road turns away from the river. Of course you can turn back at any stage or stop for a picnic.

A diversion on the way back will take you past the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve. The road is then level past this as you head back to the A697 and towards Low Hedgeley. Tap/click the map for a larger version

Route 3: Prendwick and Whittingham – about 17 miles.

This route picks up the cycle route 68 as it heads south west from Powburn. Turn right in Powburn after heading down the A697 (take care!) towards Fawdon & Branton. You can pick up Route 68 as it turns left after a mile or so. Follow the route as it climbs and drops until reaching Prendwick. A short distance after that a small road turns left towards Whittingham. Note on the map to take the smaller road towards Whittingham that runs alongside the beginning of the River Aln. When in Whittingham follow for Glanton (it climbs) and then drops down into Powburn. This is a lovely route on quiet roads with great views. Tap/click the map for a larger version.

Please Note: These suggested routes are provided courtesy of John and Dorothy. You try these at your own risk and no liability is accepted for injury or annoyance caused by falling off your bike, brake failure heading downhill, being eaten by bugs whilst having your lunch or for any other reason.

Low Hedgeley Farm
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